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    Motorway Toll Collection Systems are, and have always been, subject to an ever-increasing area of application built upon both experience & technology. The reality of the different needs raised by the project owners in different countries, together with the availability of a wide range of technological equipment, accentuates the importance of selecting the right equipment that are fit for purpose. As a systems integrator in electronical systems applications, SDG has already brought together the experience with many public contracts accomplished in the past and ongoing projects for the improval and maintenance of these systems. The company has also established close working relationships with reputable equipment manufacturers in Europe as well as some local ones.

ERZIN Toprakkale Iskenderun Highway

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    Having won many public contracts for the installation, renewal, maintenance, and repair of electronic toll collection systems on major Turkish motorways, SDG has so far delivered turnkey projects more than 45% of the Toll Colletion Systems of Turkish Motorways, comprising 30 Toll Plazas, 140 Exit Lanes, and 87 Entry Lanes in total. In addition to new system installation, it has undertaken a number of maintenance and repair service contracts at 55 Toll Plazas consisting of 305 Exit Lanes and 190 Entry Lanes in European motorways (Istanbul-Edirne section), Anatolian motorways (Istanbul-Ankara section), T.A.G. motorways (Tarsus-Adana-Gaziantep section), T.I. motorwars (Toprakkale-Iskenderun section). The delivered systems are up and running and, currently, there are ongoing electronic toll collection system projects at various motorway sections in Turkey. The electronic toll collection systems that SDG has already realised were of closed type systems that are inherently more complex in both software and hardware than the open systems.

Specifically, SDG has installed 19 Exit Lanes and 13 Entry lanes for a total of 32 lanes at each Main Toll Plaza, Mahmutbey and Camlica in Istanbul, for Motorway Toll Collection Systems on the O-1 Europe and O-2 Anadolu Highways .